Posted by: beninmwangi | November 23, 2007

Cheetah Index to Premiere Soon!

Cheetah Index

African Path launches business site

As part of our mission to fill the void left by conventional media in covering African issues, African Path will take an active role in supporting and empowering the continent’s young and progressive decision makers. Today, African Path announces the launch of a dedicated business section under the African Path network which will be branded as the Cheetah Index. Currently the site will run on a Beta version.

The Cheetah Index derives both its name and inspiration from Ghanaian economist Dr. George B.N. Ayittey, author of Africa Unchained. A central topic in this book is the new generation of young African professionals who look at Africa ’s problems from a different and revolutionary perspective. Dr. Ayittey believes that this group of professionals plays a central role in re-vitalizing African economies. This group of progressive, problem solving and action-oriented Africans are called the “Cheetah Generation”.

African Path will build the Cheetah Index into a leading online resource for Africa ’s current generation of decision makers. These will include managers, entrepreneurs, government officials, educationists and other people who influence Africa ’s development. The site will provide breaking business news, profiles on African entrepreneurs and industry news while making it easier for business people from Africa and other continents to connect and network.

The site will premiere on November 26, 2007 at

About African Path

African Path is an online portal that allows Africans to tell their own stories on the global stage. While most representation of Africa outside the continent is by foreign media houses, African Path provides the platform for Africans to express themselves. The site features daily headlines, opinion and commentary through our comprehensive blogs and an interactive calendar.

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  1. this is very nice and many of the ideas in africa can make the best of this world Africa has been left with many R/W but we tend to not use them this i s the time for waking up am sure

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