Posted by: beninmwangi | October 19, 2007


During my time away from blogging about entrepreneurship in Africa, I have been inspired by the works of my neighbors ( in the Africa blogosphere). So I wanted to highlight a few of the posts that have left me in adoration.

In a post summarizing a conference that she attended, Ms. Uduak Oduok of Ladybrille asks the rhetorical question ” is entrepreneurship teachable?”; she asked this question in the context of development on the African continent.

Now of course, Ladybrille normally features the the business of fashion and beauty but for me this piece was certainly amongst the lovliest posts of all-thanks to the section on 9 to 5’s. After the opener Ms. Oduok went on to describe the highlights of the event and again I found her narrative of the event to be quite eduTancational and engaging. Reading this post surely helped to pick me up.

Next on my list was Kofi at Annansi Chronicles he wrote a very nice piece on Tanzania’s debut into the US Airwaves via their TV ad campaign. What I liked about this post is that like Ladybrille, Kofi was there-firsthand at the Africa Travel Association’s Second Annual Presidential Forum on Tourism to hear the news firsthand. He then relays that information back to us with a good bit of detail and anaysis of the event. Something else that can appreciate about this post is that prior to reading this post I’ve read some of Kofi’s other posts where he mentions the need for African countries to brand themselves. So I can imagine the excitement he felt when he actually had a chance to see someone taking that idea to heart.  By the way, I have seen the commercial on CNN and Tanzania is serious!

Ok, next comes a source that really isn’t a blog it’s actually a bedrock offline news publication called The Africa Report, this was the October -December 2007 issue. And the reason that I am mentioning here and now is that the article which I am citing was written by an Africa Blogger-Ms. Jen Brea. What Jen did was highlight each of the main genres of blogs that one would find in the Africa blogosphere like-politics and cyber-activisim, technology, gender, culture, group blogs, and of course my favorite-business 🙂 and she sort of brought to light their inter-connectedness; while also telling us how blogs have allowed all of Africa’s stories to be heard. And you know seeing both African Path and The Benin Epilogue mentioned there brought a big smile to my face, right? No, seriously, she cited such bloggers as Emeka, Politique au Senegal, Hash, Afromusing, Zimpundit, Sokari, Mzalendo, and many others. If you haven’t seen this issue of the magazine yet, Jen’s story definitely makes it something worth grabbing. Great job Jen!

Finally, I’d like to express my gratitude to Branded, he is someone whom I have eagerly watched blossom into a very strong blogger. Branded was the person who came up with the idea to host the 5th Edition of the African Enterprising Blog Carnival on the African Executive. Additionally, he did a tremendous job with building publicity for the carnival through a sponsorship alliance, he also did all of the editing for this edition, as well as the very professional graphic design, and finally he orchestrated contest to participants which resulted in a carnival where nearly every submission was on the same topic-Positioning Africa for the 21st Century . I am both proud and appreciative of Branded for his magnificent contribution to the Africa’s blog universe. Branded, you’re professional grade like GMC trucks and great job on the carnival!

This will wrap up my thoughts for the day. But in closing, let me say that the posts mentioned above are quite representative of the overall quality of the African blogosphere. The component that each of the above posts share in common with each other and the greater world of Africa bloggers is that each is 100% substance over fluff. This to me is truly inspiring, today it feels good to be an Africa blogger!



  1. […] Inspiration No, seriously, she cited such bloggers as Emeka, Politique au Senegal, Hash, Afromusing, Zimpundit, Sokari, Mzalendo, and many others. […]

  2. Thanks Benin for the kind words, as always all my inspiration comes from you and the entire African Blogoshere community. By biggest satisfaction is that our efforts are bearing fruit in changing the continent for the better through the blogosphere.

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