Posted by: beninmwangi | September 8, 2007

Enterprising Africa Blogger

Today I wanted to take the opportunity to highlight a blogger that is doing some really exceptional work, both through his blog and outside of blogging. This fellow is Mr. Nii Simmonds.


Nii Simmonds represents the Ghanaian Diaspora in America and writes on his blog called Nubian Cheetah.


The word Cheetah is a reference to a term that Professor Dr. George Ayittey
coined to describe a new generation in Africa who are willing to adopt African solutions and outlooks to African problems; while simultaneously embracing the changes that are rapidly enveloping our planet.  In the words of Professor Ayittey-“
A Cheetah is someone who is hungry and wants sustainable change in Africa. “

I admire the way that Nii has done things behind the scenes, in essence supporting everything that he discusses on his blog:

From Nii’s Linkedin Page:

I’m interested in using PRIVATE EQUITY or VENTURE CAPITAL to help the informal market in AFRICA generate a sustainable income. I’m involved with capitalizing a MESO CAPITAL CHEETAH fund to fund the SME market in Africa. This fund will be self-sustaining and will focus on investments in these sectors in Africa; consumer products, agriculture, entertainment, education, and healthcare.

Nii Simmonds is also founder of NAFRICOM, a non-profit trade association for IT Software and Technology Services industry for Africa. Mr. Simmonds is also a Co-founder of EmergingictGroup, a global ICT research, training, and advisory/consultancy.

Through his experience working with many African oriented organizations in the field of Information Technology, development, and globalization, Mr. Simmonds has become a leading speaker and presenter on African development, ICT policies, outsourcing/BPO market in Africa and other emerging markets, social entrepreneurship, technology education, and Globalization. Professionally Mr. Simmonds is an independent consultant specializing in corporate finance, business strategy, and outsourcing consulting.

Something else which I appreciate about Nii is his openess in sharing his thoughts and ideas on business opportunities in the continent.  By and large I would say that this is something which I  have found representative of the Africa Business Blogosophere.  Nii, if I havent told you in person please know that I have appreciated the advice which you’ve freely shared with me.  Additionally, thank you for agreeing to host the next edition of the blog carnival Africa Enterprising.  Your theme choice-highlighting Africa blogger involvement in continental, regional, or national trade/investment forums; is golden.

Submit your article for next week’s edition here

Photo courtesy of White African on Flickr

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