Posted by: beninmwangi | July 3, 2007

II Carnival of Africa Enterprising!

Don’t miss Carnival of Africa Enterprising on July 6, 2007 on the African Loft.  Also, if you would like to submit your post please do so befor 10 pm on July 5, 2007 at

The primary theme of this issue is about be the current trade vs aid in Africa debate and the secondary theme will be empowerment through entrepreneurship.



  1. […] Carnival of Africa Enterprising is coming […]

  2. I am in.

  3. United States of Africa is a great idea. We only need to work it out. May be the most prevalent obstacles at the moment is poor selfish leadership in individual countries, starting with legislators of my own.

    How about deciding and agreeing to have a common language, common currency, common system of education…. that would sound nice! My only prayer is that we would no be separated by our faiths anymore!

  4. Africa Enterprising blog carnival

    Who knew their was an “Africa Enterprising Blog Carnival”? The first one will go live today over on Africa Loft. Submit posts to future editions here. Via Africa Ready for Business.

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