Posted by: beninmwangi | June 19, 2007

UN Press Release

Company: United Nations Global Compactglobal-un-compact.png
Job Title: Externship Volunteering Opportunity for CSR Project
Description: Get involved in the United Nations’ CSR Project!

Do you want to learn about the largest Corporate Citizenship initiative in the world? How companies implement the ten principles of the UN Global Compact? Then participate in this ` externship´ opportunity: With little time and from home you can help the UN, learn about Corporate Social Responsibility and receive a Certificate!

What is the UN Global Compact?

* The world’s largest corporate citizenship initiative aiming for a more sustainable and inclusive world economy
* Supported by over 4.000 participants in over 100 countries
* Includes some of the worlds most influential companies, such as Coca Cola, ebay and Microsoft

What is the project?

Companies from all over the world report on their progress on implementing the 10 Global Compact principles. Now there are over 2000 so called “Communication on Progress” (COP) reports. We need your support to review and tag these to get a fully searchable database. Each review takes around 30 minutes.

What are your benefits in participating?

* Gain valuable learning experience in the field of corporate citizenship
* Receive a Certificate of Participation after completion of 10 COP reviews
* Get a personal Letter of Appreciation by reviewing more than 50 COPs

Participate now at:

Thank you for your support!

Juergen Nagler
Coordinator COP Review Project
UN Global Compact Office
United Nations
email: nagler@un dot org


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