Posted by: beninmwangi | June 18, 2007

SmartBiz Africa


A few days ago I learned of a new online business medium-SmartBiz Africa.  It is a new initiative based in Nairobi, Kenya for supporting and sharing business ideas in Africa.  Its existence was revealed to me by the blogger Branded.

The publication covers business in Africa through the following weekly columns:

  •     BUSINESS 101

Below is an excerpt:

Nine big mistakes start-ups often make

Last week we looked at how to successfully begin a business to ensure growth and sustainability. But research findings, as Mr Musyoka rightly implies, indicate that 70 per cent of start-ups fail within three years. To avoid being a statistic, let’s look at ways people like you can avoid failing in business.

Entrepreneurs fail because of avoidable mistakes. Start-up entrepreneurs are possessed with enthusiasm and confidence but too often are unaware of potentially fatal operational potholes that lie before them. All it takes is a single mistake, one false step, and a business runs into a wall. Here are the commonly made mistakes:

  • Not picking the right business to begin with: I know you have heard this very often, but do not copy-paste what your friend is doing or what you see to be making money today. Follow your passion and you will be surprised how dedicated and enterprising you will be. Take time to pick out what is right for you, i.e. what you are skilled in, equipped and capable of doing.

There are more articles to be found on the site.  They are well written and the lay out is very professional.  That being said, I believe that this medium shows a great deal of promise.  If the publication is able to move into the other 52 countries in Africa or even the other 40 plus countries in Sub Saharan Africa, then not only does it have promise-but it may become the bright star of the continent’s domestically published small business mediums.

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