Posted by: beninmwangi | June 16, 2007

Global Voices TED Blogging!

The World is Talking, Are You Listening?

Hi, I wanted to direct your attention to the post on Global Voices-Blogging TED. It was my attempt to summarize the going ons around TED Global’s Conference in Arusha-via the Africa Blogosphere. It seems like it would be easy to just write a post highlighting the posts of other bloggers-but for some reason this has always been difficult for me, especially the post that we are discussing. In fact, after writing it, I had to take a break to allow my mind to recuperate.

During the interim I have been hastily becoming acquainted with new enterprise/Africa related online mediums (new to me-at least). And am now itching to share some of those with you (a short list follows).

So there you have it.

Until we meet again…



  1. […] now of the TED Global 2007. There is an awesome look at the blogging of TED Global here from Benin Mwangi. His post for Global Voices is packed full of excerpts from a huge storehouse of insightful writing […]

  2. thank you for including us in your shortlist…



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