Posted by: beninmwangi | May 24, 2007

Eye Opening Post from White African

Hi, I just wanted to briefly highlight a post that really caught my attention today. The post comes from fellow member of the Africa Enterprising Blog Network-White African.

In a nutshell it is about how a company in the domain buying business teamed up with the West African nation of Cameroon and made US$ millions as a result of a mistake!

Here is an excerpt:

Kevin Ham is valued at over $300 million. He made his fortune putting Pay Per Click ads on the thousands of websites that he owns. His latest venture is with the Cameroonian government, who happen to have the ending of .cm in their domain. Kevin is looking at brokering deals with Niger (ending in .ne) and Ethiopia (ending in .et) as well.

I have just read this post for, like the 4th or 5th time today, so that was my cue to share this post with you.

What do you think about it? Have any of you ever heard about the software technology that this company used? And finally, what are your thoughts on Cameroon partnering with this company?


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