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ADNC: Press Release


Contact: Caroline Gatheca

Phone: (440) 735-2507








International Conference, Investment Forum Examining, and Golf Outing Examining the Emerging Business and Investment Opportunities in Africa

August 16 – 18 at Case Western Reserve University

Organized by African Development Consortium,

Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University,

African Community Yellow Pages and the Kenya Development Network Consortium


The African Development Network Consortium in collaboration with the Case Western Reserve University, the African Community Yellow Pages, and the Kenya Development Network Consortium announce a conference and business symposium on Emerging Business Investment Opportunities in Africa, specifically focusing on examining the capacity of the existing frame work within the African industry in supporting international investment and business development.


Africa lags behind in developing its full potential in creation of innovative businesses, and commercialization of its technological resources. This lag is generally attributed to lack of awareness about business and investment opportunities in Africa However, the problem that hinders Africa to launch is lack of knowledge within the international investment arena about the existence of structure that would support business development to take place in Africa. Lack of this knowledge has resulted in the marginalization of Africa in the global business platform.


Specifically there lacks an organizational model that would allow the emergence of the relevant knowledge about the existing structures for creation of innovative businesses, and commercialization of technological resources in Africa. Such a model would enable the stakeholders of Africa’s development who include the international business community, the academic community, government agencies, existing and successful African businesses, the international development community, and willing individuals to recognize, and take advantage of the business opportunities in Africa.


The purpose of the conference is to generate knowledge about existing structures for facilitating business and investment in Africa, and to create an organizational model, that would serve as a vehicle by which there will be continued emergence of relevant knowledge about investment in Africa for use by the stakeholders of Africa’s development.



Contact: Caroline Gatheca

Phone: (440) 735-2507





The two objectives of the conference are (a) to bring knowledgeable organizations and individuals who are well versed in structures that enable the creation of innovative businesses, and commercialization of technological resources in Africa emerging business opportunities in Africa; and (b) to create a space where stakeholders of Africa’s development can gain access to the knowledge of the existing structures that enable business opportunities in Africa.


This conference is significant to all the stakeholders of Africa’s development in the following ways:

  1. Academic Community: The academic community will share knowledge, and research about the processes and models that enable investors to the advantage of innovative business opportunities in Africa.
  2. Government Agencies: The government agencies will have the opportunity to share the existing investment opportunities, and existing structures for business development in Africa.
  3. International Development Community: The international development community will share knowledge about constraints in development, the development traps, and how to avoid them.
  4. African Business Community: The African business community in Africa, and abroad will demonstrate and share knowledge of successful processes in business in Africa, and have an opportunity to showcase business opportunities directly to the stakeholders of Africa’s development.
  5. Business Community: The international business will gain access to the knowledge about the processes that enable business success in Africa; and the structures that can allow the sustainability of businesses in Africa.
  6. Individual Investors: The individuals will gain access to knowledge about all types of investment opportunities, the investment process and also share their knowledge with the other stakeholders of African development.


This three-day conference will explore the avenues through which individuals, government representatives and agencies, private sector entrepreneurs, potential foreign investors and multiple stakeholders can engage foreign investors in Africa’s development process. The academic session and investment symposium are slatted for Friday and Saturday, August 17-18, 2007; the Business Golf outing will be held on Sunday, August 19 2007.


Weekly updates are to follow with registration information







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