Posted by: beninmwangi | May 18, 2007

Africa Enterpring Blog Network Links

Africa Enterprising Blog Network members:

·        Benin Mwangi


§         African Entrepreneurship & international media

§         Sub Saharan Africa

·        Frederic Tape

o       Africaincorp

§         Following the Money Trailing the Afri-urban Movement (Africaincorp)  

§         Cote d’Ivoire

·        G. Kofi Annan 

o       Annansi Chronicles

§         An Indepth Look at Africa’s Fashion and Entertainment Industries 

§         Ghana

·        Bankelele

o       Bankelele

§         Banking analysis and the financial sector in Kenya

§         Kenya

·        Joshua Wanyama

o       African Path

§         View of Africans in the Diaspora

§         Continental, regional



§         Daily Motivations & Development for people and organizations

§          Nigeria

·        Gerald Shuma

o       Tech Mambo

§         Profiling and reviewing new Internet products and companies.

§         Continental, international 

·        Hoseah Njuguna

o       Investment and financial planning advice

§         Kenya

·        Odegle

o       Odegele Nyang Investments 

§         Business and investment news in Kenya and East Africa

§         Kenya

·        Harry Karanja

o       Kenya Startup

§         Start Ups in Kenya  

§         Kenya

·        Erik Hersman

o       WhiteAfrican

§         Where Africa and Tech Collide

§         Sub-Saharan Africa

·        Folabi Ogunkoya

o       Afriville

§         Community  Portal

§         Nigeria, Continental

·        Imnakoya

o       Grandiose Parlor

§         Thoughts on Issues

§         Nigeria

·        Emmanuel Olawuatosin

o       Yemma  

§         Inspiring Excellence

§         Nigeria

·        Omodudu

o       Alt Nigeria

§         Nigerian Business

§         Well…Nigeria

·        Tosin

o       Upnaira 

§         Consumer Investments

§         Nigeria

·        Rafiq Phillips

o       South Africa Technology  and Web Addicts  

o        South Africa

·        Ryan Shen-Hoover

o       Investing in Africa 

§         Stock Markets in Africa

§         Continental

·        Leonard Nelson

o       Web 2.0 with a Zambian Twist

o       Zambia  

·        Gavin Chait

o       Whythawk

§         Sustainable Business and Economic Development

§         South Africa



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