Posted by: beninmwangi | May 15, 2007

Shining Star-the Africa Report

I recently caught another episode of the Africa Report , which appeared on The Africa Channel. The show was so good that I decided to share with you some general feedback.

First off, I must say that I was mistaken, the Africa Report is not produced by Reuters, but rather by CNBC. That is not to take anything away from Reuters they also produce a business TV magazine that I enjoy watching-the Africa Journal.

While watching the Africa Report, I was not able to catch everything that was said. So below are my notes from the last episode. Followed by my summary of the magazine itself.

I must warn you though, that these are just my notes, so they might not be very complete or even very accurate (especially with spelling of various names). Also the bolded letters are my attempt to paraphrase the underlying thoughts behind each story.

Notes from the Africa Report

with Udi ya-Nakamhela as the host

Africa-Looking towards the Bahama’s for inspiration

Interview with a minister from the Bahamas who said that ever since their country dropped the lower and middle market tourism focus, replaced their brand with a more upscale version that things have been much better for the region. He emphasized that shifting to the top of the tourism market allows the toursim sector to do more with less.

Telecommunications Prices coming down in the Bahamas thanks to advances in infrastructure.

Namibia Powers Southern Africa

Namibia Boasts Africa’s third highest electrification coverage. Nam Power is working to ensure that all of the country’s land is electrified. They are presently working on providing access for the entire population of roughly 2 million inhabitants and developing alternative sources of energy. Nam Power works in conjunction with the Namibia Electric Council. The high level of electricity brings other industries and markets to the country. Renewable energy is also being pursued in Namibia. Nam Power’s Mr. Leake Hangala says’s that the company is looking into the price and efficiency of solar. Today, gas is being extracted from Kudo Fields and supplying Namibia and S.A. This investment will help other nations in surrounding area’s too.

Banking on Lesotho for Rapid Growth

Financial sector of Lesotho and Central Bank helping to supply growth. They are financing a growing economy. The country has bright prospects fueled by strong banking sector. One focus is on central bank-funded micro finance projects. The narrator showed a group of women who received a micro loan to expand their chicken egg co-op and are all prospering in their chicken egg enterprises.

Next up, Lesotho Highlands water scheme-the largest water scheme undertaken in the whole continent. South Africa’s banks are funding this mega undertaking, along with some international lenders and investors.

South African Trains to Overtake the Traditional Tourism Industry?

SA train tourism is being boosted through nostalgic and classic looking trains, that take passengers on tours around the southern Africa region. The train conductor and the chef were interviewed. They stressed that the combination of indigenous South African cuisine mixed with the luxury of the train ride has made their offerings very popular amongst tourists.

Sponsoring this show were some commercials by various African governments, airlines, and NGO’s.

So, as you might be able to tell from the notes this is a wonderful program and it is packed with powerful information. The best part about the Africa Report is that they are on-line, you can check it out for yourself at Otherwise, I will say that it is wonderful to see major news and media houses beginning to give viewers a more in depth look at what’s going on in business around Africa. The Africa Report, to me, is the complete embodiment of that shift.


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