Posted by: beninmwangi | April 26, 2007

Press Release: East African Community, Atlanta, GA, USA

Below is a copy of a press release that I just received from the East Africa American Business Council. It relates to the East African trade bloc known as East African Community (EAC). If you are in Atlanta, GA or will be in Atlanta, GA during the upcoming weekend, then you should check this out. The time and place will be:

Saturday, April 28, 2007, from 1:00 pm – 5:00 p.m


Mercer University, Tift College of Education/Business School Building, Room 002.


3001 Mercer University Drive, Atlanta, GA 30341.


The National Consultative Process on the Political Federation of the East Africa States.

Should there be an East Africa Super State? If so, when and what type of Super State do the East African people desire?

Desiring to accelerate the realization of the economic and social aspirations of East Africans, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda have embarked on a fast tracking process for an East Africa Political Federation. Burundi and Rwanda are currently members under observer status, and will become full-fledged members in June 2007. The East Africa leaders believe that a Political Federation will provide a bigger voice in the global arena, result in efficiencies due to economies of scale, lead to better management and utilization of shared resources, and quicken the economic and social development of East Africa. Each country has established a National Consultative Process that is currently gathering the views and desires of the citizens regarding the fast tracking of the Political federation.

It is estimated that currently, East Africans in the Diaspora remit back about $2 billion dollars, making this group one of the highest sources of foreign currency and revenue for the region. East Africans in the Diasporas have remained active and are engaged in issues that shape public policy, hence the need to have the Diaspora viewpoint on the political federation.

The East African Community (EAC) has tasked the East Africa America Business Council (EAABC) and the East African Cooperation Forum – Diaspora (EACF-D) to carry out a nationwide consultative process amongst East Africans in the United States of America and Canada regarding the political federation of East Africa. The consultative process in North America aims at enhancing awareness of the process that has been going on since the East African Cooperation Treaty was signed on November 30th, 1993, and provides a forum whereby East Africans in the Diaspora will have an opportunity to have input in the formation of an East Africa Super State.

The consultative process will utilize the uniform background information that is being used across East Africa. Using a town hall format, the dialogue will discuss the reasons, meaning, implications, models and timing for the political federation. Participants will complete a survey at the end of each meeting in which they will have an opportunity to further express their views regarding the formation of an East Africa Federation. For those who are unable to attend the forums, a presentation detailing the salient facts will be made available on-line along with a survey for them to fill out. This data will be collated and sent to Arusha, Tanzania in preparation for the Heads of States meeting that is slated for June 2007.

The dialogue will take place in the following selected cities. All are welcome to participate.

Umoja ni Nguvu! (Unity is Power)


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