Posted by: beninmwangi | April 13, 2007

Kenyan Entrepreneur Provides An Innovative Solution to Local Market Challenges

I am not very sure the details of who provided and managed the production of this media. But I found it very intriguing. It is difficult for me to imagine coming up with such a creative solution. Below are the questions that I had.

What do you think about Antony Mwaniki’s very forward thinking concept? Can this be the change in the employment market that Kenya and other African nations are looking for? Will this lead to a new market based industry in Kenya? Those are the questions that I had while watching this video. What do you think?

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  1. Wow,
    That is a brilliant idea. People are very innovative and if given the chance can make a huge difference in other people’s lives. Thanks for posting this.

  2. Without watering down the bright idea, i happen to know the young Kenyan who came up with the idea….and it wasn’t the name you mentoioned there. But is all good.

    Research via Google and you will see a different name.

    Ms. Ann – Onymous

  3. Ms. Ann, really? I did search google a few moments ago. It looked like this

    mobile4good kenya – Google Search

    =0){b=b.replace(“http:”,w)}else{b+=u;if(i){b+=”&q=”+p(i);q&&l==”l”&&(b+=”+near%3A+”+p(q[2]))}}}d.href=b}function v(a,d,b){a.display=a.display==”block”?”none”:”block”;a.left=d+”px”;”px”}{var d=0,b,c,e,f=0;a=a?a:o.event;a.cancelBubble=true;for(;h&&g[f];f++){c=g[f];e=c.className;if(e==”gb3″){b=c.offsetLeft;while(c=c.offsetParent){b+=c.offsetLeft}v(,b,24)}else if(e==”gb2″){”gbar”+l&&(”.2em .5em”);v(,b+1,25+d);d+=20}}”px”};j.close=function(a){h&&”block”&&};})();//–>
    WebImagesVideoNewsMapsGmailmore ▼Blog SearchBloggerBooksCalendarDocumentsFinanceGroupsLabsOrkutPatentsPhotosProductsReaderScholar

    window.gbar&&gbar.init()Sign inGoogle     Advanced Search  Preferences  Web Results 110 of about 435 for mobile4good kenya. (0.07 seconds)  OneWorld UK / Get involved / Mobile – M4G in Kenya – ServicesMobile for Good services offered in Kenya. The services running in Kenya are designed to meet the information needs in Kenya, and they target two – 22k – CachedSimilar pages [PDF] Mobile4Good Franchise OfferFile Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat – View as HTMLMobile4GoodKenya. Accenture has. provided invaluable support and guidance. throughout. How does it work? A social franchise model has been – Similar pages[ More results from ] OneWorld UK / Get involved / MobileThe Mobile for Good project has already been implemented in Kenya, where it has been instrumental in helping more than a hundred people to find jobs every – 23k – Jun 14, 2007 – CachedSimilar pages Mobile for GoodMobile for Good Kenya is the first franchisee of Mobile for Good. For more information, please visit – 4k – CachedSimilar pages AfricaThe chairperson of OKN Africa is James Nguo of ALIN in Kenya. loan fund’ for access points; and Mobile4Good using SMS for revenue generation in Kenya. – 19k – CachedSimilar pages[ More results from ] Open Knowledge Workspace‘mutual loan fund’ for Access Points; and Mobile4Good using SMS for revenue generation in Kenya. The Indian partners of OKN, including – 25k – CachedSimilar pages Open Knowledge WorkspaceVisite o novo site da M4G (em inglês) —————- OKN Mobile devient Mobile for Good Projet de téléphones mobiles au Kenya lié à – 12k – CachedSimilar pages CatherineF – Mobile4Good-I found an SMS info service actually At the risk of banging on about phones, I just came across Mobile4Good which is a article about SMS for job services in Kenya and South Africa from – 28k – CachedSimilar pages Jürgen Nagler Business4Good: intersection of business and social Mobile4Good Video: Social Entrepreneur Example from Kenya Watch this video of Mobile4Good (interesting name analogy! 😉 from Kenya which I found on – 20k – CachedSimilar pages OneWorld South Asia Home / Newsmobile, ICTs, Kenya mobile, M4G (mobile4good). Woman on mobile phone, Western kenya, July 2003. mobile, ICTs, Kenya mobile, M4G (mobile4good) – 25k – CachedSimilar pages 12345678910Next

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    But you have sparked my curiosity, I would like to know more, please.


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