Posted by: beninmwangi | March 27, 2007

Announcement: Consulting Opportunity in Kenya

If you are an international development consultant…

Consultancy Services on Developing Government Assets Management Register and Registry

The Government of Kenya through the Ministry of Finance intends to engage a consultant to Develop
Government Assets Management Register and Registry.

The assignment will be expected to achieve the following objectives:-

(i) To have a well defined and functional asset management unit in place.
(ii) To have a clear methodology of Public Assets valuation.
(iii) To have a clear methodology of recording government Assets.
(iv) To have appropriate software in place for capture of data of all government assets.
(v) To have a well developed institutional structure of assets management at the Treasury.
(vi) To have a fully functional Government of Kenya Assets Register.


The assignment will mainly involve review of existing documentation/practice in public assets
management, propose and assist in establishing a well functional assets management register and unit.
The consultant will carry out the following activities:-

(i) Review the status of government assets records in various Ministries/Departments.
(ii) Review the implementation of Treasury circular No. 14 of 13th October, 2000.
(iii) Recommend appropriate software to capture data on all government assets.
(iv) Recommend the mandate and operational structure of the government assets management unit
(v) Propose Human Resources requirement for the GOK Assets Management Unit.
(vi) Advice on Mode of Accounting for security related assets.
(vii) Advise on management of assets register by Line Ministries/ Departments/parastatals and other

Public Agencies.

(viii) Advise on mode of Government Assets valuation, depreciation, appreciation and disposal.
(ix) Propose appropriate training needs for staff in Assets Management unit in Treasury & line

Ministries on records management, Assets valuation and other related activities.

(x) Identify any legal or regulatory obstacles to the implementation of any aspects of a fully

functional central government assets management unit.

(xi) Advise on best practices in public assets management.
(xii) Any other matter that is related to the above.

Interested, eligible and competent consultancy firms are invited to submit expressions of interest to
provide the above-mentioned services. Interested consultants must provide information that they
possess senior level expertise and experience in:-

· Policy formulation and development relating to assets management and valuation.
· Government financial procedures and regulation.
· Government procurement procedures.
· Government Assets Valuation and Disposal procedures.
· Wide Knowledge on public management practices.
· Knowledge in Management information system.
· Knowledge in records management.

Complete expression of interest documents in plain sealed envelopes clearly marked on top with the
name of this consultancy should be addressed to:

The Financial Secretary
Ministry of Finance
P. O. Box 30007

Or be deposited in the tender box situated on the 1st floor, Treasury Building, Harambee Avenue
so as to reach him on or before Tuesday 10th April 2007 at 10.00 a.m.


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