Posted by: beninmwangi | March 21, 2007

African Diaspora Investment: An Intro

We go into this series at a time when several African governments ask themselves, “what can be done to harness the power of our relatives overseas into helping to build our local economies?” Amidst these questions from the African governments themselves other world authorities have recently begun to turn their attention to Africa’s Diaspora investors, as well.

The reason that this investment trend has been gaining so much attention in recent years is to be found in what Africa’s Diaspora investors represent:

*Source of financing trade deficits for various African nations.
*Stimulus for economic growth, through investment.
*Large percentage of the GDP, this means as much as 25% of GDP for some African nations.
*Tool for alleviating poverty.

So as we continue this series, The Benin Epilogue hopes to bring you the perspectives of businesses, Diaspora investors, government agencies, and other concerned parties as it pertains to this trend in various parts of Africa. The series will culminate with coverage of the Kenya Diaspora Investment Forum taking place this weekend in Atlanta, GA. We hope that you will enjoy this series and if you have a related experience which you’d like to share, then we’d like to hear about it.

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  1. You might want to take a look at the Direct Expatriate Nationals Investment (DENI) initiative led by Fred Kwoba, Ghana has signed up for the program.

  2. This post is giving me goosebumps!!!!!!!!! I am right now actively researching this topic, and the Enhanced DENI model is my principal focus i.e. working examples in progress……… this kismet or what!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    To my delight, bucko governments have this on their radar….NEPAD has prioritized this via AfricaRecruit…..the AfDB under the illustrious Donald Kaberuka are giving excellent policy advice to African governments……Ghana’s Golden Jubilee Bonds are lock step with this model…….many good folks are ahead of the curve on this one. Fred Kwoba and crew make me proud to be African, people thinking outside the box!!!!

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